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Silverside joint

Topside joint

Rib on the bone

Boned & rolled sirloin joints

Boned & rolled rib joints

Boned & rolled brisket joints

Sirloin steaks

Fillet steaks

T-bone steaks

Peppered steaks

Hip bone steaks

Frying steak

Braising steak

Stewing steak

Shin beef

Whole leg of lamb

Half leg of lamb - knuckle end

Fillet of lamb
Fillet of lamb - boneless

Whole shoulder of lamb

Half shoulder of lamb - knuckle end

Half shoulder of lamb - blade end

Shoulder of lamb - boned and rolled

Lamb shanks

Loin chops

Cutlet chops

Leg chops

Shoulder chops

Double chops

Minced lamb
Diced lamb
Round neck

Leg steaks

Shoulder steaks

Best-end neck chops

Breast of lamb

Breast of lamb - boned and rolled

Middle neck
Lambs’ kidneys

Home-made lamb burgers

Leg joint - boned and rolled

Shoulder joint - boned and rolled

Pork chops
Pork chops with kidney

Belly pork
Glazed belly pork
Belly pork - joint on the bone

Spare rib chops
Pork steaks
Stuffed belly pork - boned and rolled Stuffed loin of pork - boned and rolled Diced pork
Minced pork
Pork shanks

Whole chicken
Half chicken
Chicken breast - on the bone

Chicken legs

Chicken fillets

Diced chicken

All chicken can be glazed on request
with Chinese, Tandoori, Southern Fried or Lemon Pepper sauces

Back bacon

Smoked back bacon

Middle bacon

Streaky bacon

Bacon chops

Bacon ribs

Gammon joints

Gammon steaks

Home-cured bacon

Home-cured ham joints

Home-cured ham steaks

Home-cured ham shanks

All of our sausages are home-made

Pork sausage

Tomato sausage

Pork and apple sausage

Pork and leek sausage

Welsh Dragon sausage

Nice & Spicy sausage

Black pudding sausage

Sausage meat

More varieties of home-made sausages

are available - please ask for details

All meat is home-cooked except where marked with *

Boiled ham
Roast ham
Roast pork with stuffing

Roast beef
Roast turkey
Ox tongue
Corned beef*

Home-made black pudding

Horseshoe black pudding*

Savoury ducks*

Cooked ham shanks

Cooked whole chickens

Cooked half chickens

Cooked chicken breasts

Cooked chicken legs

Pork scratchings*

Beef dripping

Steak & gravy

Chicken & mushroom

Cheese & onion

Cornish pasties

Meat & potato pasties

Cheese & onion pasties

Sausage rolls

Pork pies

Over at the fruit & veg stall Steve sells a large variety of quality produce including:

potatoes, carrots, cabbages, cauliflowers, sprouts, swede, onions, spring onions, leeks, mushrooms, beetroot, lettuce, tomatoes


apples, bananas, grapes, oranges, satsumas, cherries, and many more.

Welsh milk

Single, double & whipping cream

Extra large eggs

Castle Dairies Welsh salted butter

Llaeth y Llan fruit yoghurt

Cheddar cheese

Cheshire cheese


Wensleydale with cranberries

We have a twice-weekly delivery of fresh bread from Johnstown Bakery.

Plain white loaf

Wholemeal loaf

Cob loaf

Plain white baps

Wholemeal baps

Plain white finger rolls